Center Team

Kathleen King Thorius, P.h.D.
Executive Director, Great Lakes Equity Center; Associate Professor, IUPUI School of Education; Editor, Multiple Voices
Seena M. Skelton, P.h.D.
Director of Operations, MAP Center; Editor, Multiple Voices: Disability, Race, and Language Intersections in Special Education
Dr. Tiffany Kyser
Associate Director of Networking & Engagement, MAP Center
Dr. Crystal Morton
Associate Director of Research, Great Lakes Equity Center; Founding Executive Director, Girls STEM Institute
Andy Fox
Culturally Responsive Program Evaluation Post-Doctoral Fellow
Sophie Richardson
Office Manager, MAP Center
Black woman with long thin locs, smiling and facing the camera.
Products Lead, Doctoral Research Assistant
Michael Durrett
Graduate Research Assistant
Ruth Ruiz-Morales
Graduate Research Assistant
Kathryn Rusnak
Graduate Research Assistant
brown haired woman with red glasses
Equity Learning Networks Lead, Graduate Research Assistant
Karen Hall
Technical Assistance Specialist
Cynthia Mruczek, Ph.D.
Technical Assistance Specialist
Ruthie Payno-Simmons
Technical Assistance Specialist
Mollie Blackburn, P.h.D.
Equity Fellow
Sarah Diem, Ph.D.
Equity Fellow
Equity Fellow
Amanda Sullivan, Ph.D.
Equity Fellow
Bryan Brayboy, Ph.D.
Center Advisor
Arizona State University
Center Advisor
Senior Trial Attorney
U.S. Department of Justice
Taucia Gonzalez, P.h.D.
Center Advisor
Assistant Professor of Special Education
University of Arizona
Muhammad Kahlifa, P.h.D.
Center Advisor
Professor of Educational Administration
The Ohio State University
Dawn Miller, Ph.D.
Center Advisor
SWIFT Education Center
University of Kansas
Paulo Tan
Center Advisor
Johns Hopkins University
Lara Trubowitz
Center Advisor
Education Director; Associate Director, National College and University Programs
Anti-Defamation League Midwest