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Crystal Morton, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Research, GLEC Center; Associate Professor, IUPUI School of Education; Equity Fellow, MAP Center
Dr. Crystal Morton

Dr. Crystal Morton is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis. Her research is driven by a passion to understand why African American students, particularly females, are disproportionately underachieving in mathematics. She is also a former high school mathematics teacher. She seeks to uncover the barriers that hinder many African American female students from being successful in their mathematics-education courses and from pursuing advanced study in the subject. Her collaborative research agenda centers around three broad areas: 1. Developing an in-depth understanding of the development of African American females as mathematical learners; 2. Developing an understanding and critique of factors outside of the learner (both African American males and females) that adversely affect their teaching and learning; 3. Developing interventions aimed at improving the mathematics teaching and learning of African American male and female students. Focusing on mathematics and science development of African American students, Dr. Morton has co-designed and implemented several summer programs engaging girls and young women in mathematics in order to increase their confidence and interest in STEM-related careers.

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