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Central Office Staff

Kathleen King Thorius, P.h.D.
Executive Director, Great Lakes Equity Center; Professor, IU School of Education; Indianapolis Editor, Multiple Voices
Seena M. Skelton, P.h.D.
Director, MAP Center; Director of Operations, Great Lakes Equity Center; Editor, Multiple Voices
Dr. Crystal Morton
Associate Director of Research, Great Lakes Equity Center; Founding Executive Director, Girls STEM Institute
Tiffany Kyser Headshot
Associate Director of Networks & Engagement, MAP Center; Associate Director, Great Lakes Equity Center
Headshot: Dr. Payno-Simmons
Associate Director of Partnerships, MAP Center
Robin Jackson Headshot
Resource Development & Dissemination Specialist
Sophie Richardson
Office Manager, MAP Center
Professional photo of Erin Sanborn
Administrative Assistant
M Renee Barlow
Assistant Director, Girls STEM Institute
Saba-Na’imah Berhane
Director of Curriculum Development, Girls STEM Institute; Learning Networks and Engagement Associate, MAP Center
Jeffery Franklin Headshot
Graduate Research Assistant
Kristina Johnson-Yates Headshot
Graduate Research Assistant
Ruth Ruiz Headshot
Graduate Research Assistant
Alicia AQ Quash-Scott
Graduate Research Assistant
Kathryn Rusnak
Graduate Research Assistant