Central Office Staff

Kathleen King Thorius, P.h.D.
Executive Director, GLEC Center; Associate Professor, IUPUI School of Education; Editor, Multiple Voices
Seena M. Skelton, P.h.D.
Director of Operations, MAP Center; Editor, Multiple Voices: Disability, Race, and Language Intersections in Special Education
Dr. Tiffany Kyser
Associate Director of Engagement & Partnerships, MAP Center
Dr. Crystal Morton
Associate Director of Research, GLEC Center; Associate Professor, IUPUI School of Education; Equity Fellow, MAP Center
Dr. Amy Sekhar
Assistant Director of Technical Assistance, MAP Center
Trish Gorman
Assistant Director of Program Evaluation & Continuous Improvement, MAP Center
Sophie Richardson
Office Manager, MAP Center
Diana R. Lazzell
Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, MAP Center
Robin G. Jackson, M.A.
Products Lead, Graduate Research Assistant
Tammera Moore
Graduate Research Assistant
Nickie Coomer
Multiple Voices Managing Editor, Graduate Research Assistant
Erin K. Sanborn
Graduate Research Assistant
Kathryn Rusnak
Graduate Research Assistant
Je’ Nobia Smith
Graduate Research Assistant
Noelle Broughton
Graduate Research Assistant
Katsumy Contreras
Student Administrative Assistant