Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center

  • One of four regional Equity Assistance Centers
  • Funded by the United States Department of Education under Title IV of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Provide technical assistance and training, upon request, in the areas of race, sex, national origin and religion to public school districts and other responsible governmental agencies to promote equitable education opportunities
  • Work in the areas of civil rights, equity, and school reform

US Department of Education (2016). Programs: Training and Advisory Services Equity Assistance Centers. Retrieved from: http://www2.ed.gov/programs/equitycenters/index.html


Our Services 

Great Lakes Equity Center’s and Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center's approach to resource and service delivery is grounded in a multi-tiered framework of technical assistance. Our goal is to engage in well-defined, content-rich technical assistance such that knowledge and expertise are shared in a way that results in transformative systemic change, as well as personal reflection and growth. Click here to see our services.


Who We Serve


  • 13 State Educational Agencies
  • 7,025 Public School Districts
  • 11,249,050 Public School Students

National Center for Education Statistics, Elementary/ Secondary Information System Table Generator: 2014-15 State Data