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Girls STEM Institute

Founder and Director Dr. Crystal Morton is an Associate Professor of mathematics education in the Indiana University School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Girls STEM Institute (GSI) is a transformative space that empowers girls of Color, historically
marginalized in STEM fields, to live their best lives. GSI encourages girls and young women to
embrace their innate brilliance through STEM exploration. GSI is unique in that it focuses on the whole person by integrating STEM learning with overall wellness and well-being. We focus on the total development of girls’ minds, bodies, and spirits.  Through GSI, our Scholars are provided access to powerful STEM learning experiences that challenge them to think deeply and critically. As STEM learners, they are empowered to use STEM as a tool for personal and social change. 

Girls STEM Institute at IUPUI – Summer 2023 Program 

When: June 5th – June 30th from 9:00-4:00pm
Where: IUPUI School of Education – ES 1126 and ES 1128

During the summer 2023 program, we will focus on four themes:
1)    Aviation, past, present and future
2)    Robotics
3)    The mathematics of financial wellness
4)    The science of wellness

Aviation, past, present and future

Scholars will have an opportunity to explore the lives of historical and contemporary female figures in aviation. We will introduce scholars to the range of opportunities in aviation (pilot, maintenance, dispatcher, flight attendant, crew scheduler, and administration), educate students on flight physics, have scholars build remote-controlled aircraft, and participate in flight simulation. Scholars can also engage with girls who have and/or are working on their private pilot licenses. The goals of these experiences are to help GSI scholars see themselves as future aviators. 


Scholars will have an opportunity to engage in an age-appropriate Vex robotics curriculum as they draw connections between various STEM domains, explore the engineering design process, and how robotics can help address needs within their community and the community at large. 

The mathematics of financial wellness

Scholars will have an opportunity to participate in a financial simulation, including exploring the root causes of wealth disparities and financial wellness through the lens of algebraic thinking.  

The science of wellness

Scholars will have an opportunity to explore a variety of medical fields and careers that help to support our physical and mental well-being. Scholars will participate in weekly mindfulness and other physical fitness sessions such as dance and yoga. 



Girls and Guys STEM Institute 

With funding from the Indiana Department of Education, Girls and Guys STEM Institute (G&GSI) was developed under the umbrella of Girls STEM Institute (GSI) to serve scholars in historically marginalized communities academically impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. G&GSI partners with school districts to provide interdisciplinary and socially transformative STEM and literacy learning experiences as an afterschool program and summer intensive ranging from 1 to 4 weeks for scholars in grades 3-8. 

Girls and Guy STEM Institute will have summer programming at Deer Run for grades 3-5 and Pike High School for grades 6-8 from June 12-June 23 from 8:30-12:30 pm


Girls STEM Summer Institute is open and available to all individuals, regardless of race or gender.


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