Equitable, Responsive Education for All

Equitable, Responsive Education for All



The Great Lakes Equity Center was established by Dr. Kathleen King Thorius and colleagues in 2011 at the Indiana University School of Education, as an Equity Assistance Center (formerly Desegregation Assistance) funded by the United States Department of Education. As of 2016, the Great Lakes Equity Center re-structured as an organizational hub for an array of research, technical assistance, and educational resource development projects, including the Midwest and Plains (MAP) Equity Assistance Center. Collectively, we are committed to school and system transformation toward racial, disability, and other forms of educational justice: the MAP Center provides three-tiers of technical assistance related to race, sex, national origin, and religion desegregation to K-12 public education agencies in a 13-state region free-of-charge; the Great Lakes Equity Center continues to partner with community, non-profit, and private organizations across the U.S. on equity-driven systemic transformation, professional learning, and collaborative inquiry projects.

Midwest and Plains (MAP) Equity Assistance Center

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Equity Innovator Recognition Program--Call for Applications

Are You Proud of Your Equity Accomplishments? We are excited to announce a call for applications for the 2021 Equity Innovator Recognition Program!


What It’s About?

Equity Innovator is a recognition program to showcase local and state education agencies that have engaged in a Tier III systemic equity partnership with the Region III Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center) or the previous Region V Great Lakes Equity Center and exemplify system-wide transformation towards educational equity.


Who Can Apply?

We invite submission of applications from partners that have demonstrated meaningful increases in awareness and/or knowledge of equitable educational practice among staff and stakeholders, have changed policies or practices related to providing students with a full opportunity for participation in all educational programs, regardless of their sex, race, religion, and national origin, and have had overall increases in the capacity to ensure safe, inclusive, and quality education for all students, with specific emphasis on historically marginalized youth.


How We Honor Your Hard Work

The Equity Innovator recipient will be honored at a recognition program during our 2021 Equity Leaders Institute. The honoree will receive an honorarium and the opportunity to showcase their equity work during the Institute.


Learn more about the application process on our dedicated Equity Innovator Program webpage