Equitable, Responsive Education for All

Equitable, Responsive Education for All



The Great Lakes Equity Center was established by Dr. Kathleen King Thorius and colleagues in 2011 at the Indiana University School of Education, as an Equity Assistance Center (formerly Desegregation Assistance) funded by the United States Department of Education. As of 2016, the Great Lakes Equity Center re-structured as an organizational hub for an array of research, technical assistance, and educational resource development projects, including the Midwest and Plains (MAP) Equity Assistance Center. Collectively, we are committed to school and system transformation toward racial, disability, and other forms of educational justice: the MAP Center provides three-tiers of technical assistance related to race, sex, national origin, and religion desegregation to K-12 public education agencies in a 13-state region free-of-charge; the Great Lakes Equity Center continues to partner with community, non-profit, and private organizations across the U.S. on equity-driven systemic transformation, professional learning, and collaborative inquiry projects.

Midwest and Plains (MAP) Equity Assistance Center

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Learning Network Cohort

The Learning Network Cohort is an intentional learning community that provides shared learning and networking opportunities for partners related to a common topic of interest or shared goals. The Center offers opportunities for cohort members to participate in shared online professional learning and networking experiences, including an orientation, a virtual roundtable discussion with a subject matter expert, an equity tool showcase, and a webinar.

Currently, the Center offers a series of virtual learning events focused on two topic areas:

  • Culturally Responsive/Asset-based and Sustaining Practices: This customized series provides tools and supports to assist with advancing educators’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding of evidence-based culturally responsive and sustaining leadership practices.
  • Safe and Inclusive Schools: This customized series provides educators targeted supports to redress incidents of harassment based on race, sex, national origin, and/or religion, as well as guidance on how to create safe and inclusive learning cultures and climates.

Please make a request for membership HERE if you would like to join the Learning Network Cohort and receive the event registration password.