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Amanda Sullivan, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota
Amanda Sullivan, Ph.D.

Sullivan is a professor at the University of Minnesota and a mother, daughter, sister, and friend with family and community predominantly in Arizona and Minnesota, as well as the South. She is the Birkmaier Educational Leadership Professor at the University of Minnesota and director of the School Psychology Program. The overarching goal of her professional activities is to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of children and youth from minoritized backgrounds. She concentrates on issues of equity and social justice in education, particularly those affecting children and youth with or at-risk for identification of educational disabilities and the intersections of ethics, law, and effectiveness of psychoeducational and special education services. She has also worked with several federally-funded technical assistance centers that helped school systems and states support more equitable educational practices and policy, most recently the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center. She was the 2013 recipient of the American Psychological Association’s Lightner Witmer Award for “scholarly contributions that have significantly nourished school psychology as a discipline and profession”, as well as subsequent local and national awards for the influence of her scholarship in the field. In addition, she has held a variety of elected and appointed positions within American Psychological Association, Council of Directors of School Psychology Programs, National Association of School Psychologists, various scholarly journals, and other professional organizations, often focusing on efforts to advance social justice, diversification, and early career supports within school psychology.

Equity Fellow