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Anti-Racism Vodcast Series


The 20-Minute Talk provides an opportunity to understand and examine how educational stakeholders within the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance (MAP) Center’s 13-state region define and frame intersectional, anti-racist educational practice; how their own identities shape their understandings of anti-racist leadership; as well as provide key and unapologetic insights on what is required, beyond platitudes and toward concrete policies and practices, to realize racially just school communities. All vodcast recordings are closed captioned.

Episode One - February 2021: Introduction to the MAP Center's Anti-Racism Vodcast Series

Episode Two - March 2021: Antiracism in the Age of COVID-19

Episode Three - April 2021: A Conversation with Antiracist Leaders

Episode Four - May 2021: Antiracism at the Intersections

Session Five - June 2021: The Antiracist Imaginary for School Communities

Session Six - August 2021: Hope, Healing, and Harmony for Antiracism

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Featured Guests

Kathleen King Thorius, P.h.D.

Kathleen King Thorius, Ph.D.

Executive Director, GLEC Center; Associate Professor IUPUI School of Education; Editor, Multiple Voices, Episode 1
Seena M. Skelton, P.h.D.

Seena Skelton, Ph.D.

Director of Operations, MAP Center; Editor, Multiple Voices, Episode 1
Dr. Tiffany Kyser

Perry Wilkinson, M.Ed.

Education Equity & Systems Data Specialist at SE/Metro Regional Center of Excellence, Southeast Service Cooperative, MN, Episode 2
Dr. Crystal Morton

Toia Jones, M.Ed.

Principal, Boulder Hill Elementary, Community Unit School District 308, IL, Episode 2
Dr. Amy Sekhar

Jerry Anderson, Ph.D.

Principal, Homewood Flossmoor High School, IL, Episode 3
Trish Gorman

Anthony Lewis, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools, Lawrence Public Schools, KS, Episode 3

Sophie Richardson

Robert A. Lampley, Esq.

Attorney, OH, Episode 4

Diana R. Lazzell

Gilmara Vila Nova-Mitchell, M.S.E.

Equity Consultant, Heartland Area Education Agency, IA, Episode 4
Robin G. Jackson, M.A.

Beryl New, Ph.D.

Director of Certified Personnel and Equity at Topeka Public Schools, KS, Episode 5
Tammera Moore

Anthony Jones, Ph.D.

Director of Equity, Ames Community School District, IA, Episode 5
Nickie Coomer

Courtney Reed Jenkins, J.D., C.P.M.

Assistant Director, Special Education, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, WI, Episode 6
Erin K. Sanborn

Rev Hillstrom, Ed.D.

Director of Educational Equity, Osseo Area Schools, MN, Episode 6
Kathryn Rusnak

Chrishirella F. Warthen, Ph.D.

Director of Family & Community Engagement, Racine Unified School District, WI, Episode 6