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Lara Trubowitz, Ph.D.

Education Director
Anti-Defamation League Midwest
Lara Trubowitz

Lara Trubowitz is Education Director; Associate Director, National College and University Programs for the ADL-Midwest with over 25 years of experience in community programming, professional development, policy research, and teaching (pK-16+). She provides diversity and equity training/assessments, evaluates and implements diversity/inclusion strategies, uses current research in restorative justice to help organizations mediate identity-based conflicts, works with organizations to develop and expand partnerships across communities, and creates and leads workplace- and school based mentorship and leadership programs. Lara is committed to creating innovative educational opportunities for diverse populations. Her expertise includes cultural competency and anti-bias programs for public school teachers, parents, and administrators; affinity group development, intergroup dialogue, and anti-racism workshops for a variety of ages and professions; best practices in diversity training, understanding unconscious bias and microaggressions in the workplace, strategies for crisis management; youth empowerment, mentoring, and college counseling; and, holocaust and genocide education, anti-bias curricula, restorative justice programs, and prison education. Dr. Trubowitz has over 15 years’ experience in conference development and public speaking and more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and mentor with comprehensive training in facilitation practices and project management.

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