2022 Equity Leaders Institute: Fortifying Ourselves and the Work
Toward Education Justice: Attending to the Mental Health of Educators and Students
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MAP Center Advisory Board

Bryan Brayboy, Ph.D.
Center Advisor
Arizona State University
Center Advisor
Senior Trial Attorney
U.S. Department of Justice
Mila Gonzalez
Center Advisor
University of Arizona
Center Advisor
Executive Co-Director
Center for Parent Information & Resources
Muhammad Kahlifa, P.h.D.
Center Advisor
Professor of Educational Administration
The Ohio State University
Steve Linson, M.Ed.
Center Advisor
Director of Student Services
Northeastern Local Schools
Dawn Miller, Ph.D.
Center Advisor
SWIFT Education Center
University of Kansas
Thu Sương Thị Nguyễn, Ph.D.
Center Advisor
Associate Professor
Indiana University-Purdue University
Django Paris
Center Advisor
Professor & Director, Banks Center for Educational Justice
University of Washington College of Education
Anne Parks, Ph.D.
Center Advisor
Supervisor, Achievement and Integration Program
Minnesota Department of Education
Margaret Sandoz
Center Advisor
Niobrara Public Schools
Paulo Tan
Center Advisor
Johns Hopkins University
Lara Trubowitz
Center Advisor
Education Director; Associate Director, National College and University Programs
Anti-Defamation League Midwest
Monica Young, P.h.D.
Center Advisor
Effective Educator Development Technical Assistance Center, AEM Corporation