Featured GLEC Projects

Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota Center for Prevention Health Equity Project

The Great Lakes Equity Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota Center for Prevention teamed up to support health equity initiatives in Minnesota educational settings through the Health-Learning Connection. The Health-Learning Connection was developed as an intensive intervention to address the needs of schools and meet the goal of improving healthy behaviors of students in Minnesota middle and high schools.


Starbucks Global Academy: To Be Welcoming Series

Starbucks and Arizona State University have partnered to provide learners around the globe, world-class, personalized, and customizable educational experiences completely free of charge through the Starbucks Global Academy. The Great Lakes Equity Center has collaborated with leading scholars in disability studies, special education, and disability justice to develop the course, “Welcoming Dialogue on Disability Bias” for Starbucks Global Academy. This To Be Welcoming course develops knowledge and critical thinking skills surrounding issues of bias, disability, and equity. In this course, scholars examine notions of justice, consider how ableism affects society, and build from personal experiences. The course features a video module that highlights faculty experts as they answer commonly asked questions about disability justice and ableism. The course concludes with points for participants to start their own discussions on Disability bias and considerations for appropriate responses. For more on the To be Welcoming Global Academy, visit the website here.


Participant Media: America to Me Learning Assessment

The Great Lakes Equity Center is partnering with a medial production company, Participant Media on the development of a pre and post-assessment of knowledge and learning for students and educators who have watched the America to Me documentary series about race and racism in an American high school, and participated in related learning opportunities. For more on Participant Media’s America to Me series, visit the website here.