60 Years, and Many More to Go: Join us For the MAP Center's 2024 World Cafe!

2024 MAP Center World Café: Realizing True School Integration - Civil Rights Act of 1964 Past, Present, and Future

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Title VII
Jun 11 2024 - 8:00am to 4:45pm
General Admission

Location: IU Indianapolis Campus Center, Room 405

On July 2, 1964, a historic moment unfolded as Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, amending previous legislation and staunchly prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Notably, Title IV of the act addressed equal protection violations in public schools, leading to the establishment of desegregation centers, now known as equity assistance centers. The Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center) at Indiana University, Indianapolis School of Education, stands as one of four regional centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education under Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Our mission is clear — to champion equitable, responsive education for all students with a focus on race, sex, national origin, and religion.

As we approach the 60th anniversary of this landmark legislation on July 2nd, the MAP Center invites you to a special event: the 2024 MAP Center World Café: Realizing True School Integration - Civil Rights Act of 1964 Past, Present, and Future. This dynamic professional learning, and networking event will bring together scholars, educators, parents/caregivers, and education justice community activists from across our 13-state region and beyond.

During this in-person event, participants will engage in meaningful discussions on the impact of 60 years of implementing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on education. Our agenda includes a panel presentation, focused breakout discussions, and Café Meet Ups, providing opportunities to delve into policies, practices, and beliefs about teaching and learning that create barriers to full integration in our schools today and generate effective solutions to address these persistent challenges. We are pleased to offer this experience at no cost! Breakfast and lunch will be provided; registration indicates a commitment to attend.

Our goal is to co-generate a document of recommendations for educators and education justice advocates committed to creating just safe, equitable, and inclusive school spaces and achieving true school integration. This resource will be published on our center's website and shared with our partner networks. We invite you to be a part of this project and contribute the development of tools that will be made broadly accessible.

We express our gratitude for your dedication to educational justice and equity. We sincerely hope you can join us for this dynamic and informative day. To secure your spot, please register for the event by Friday, May 31st. Your participation will contribute to the collective efforts to continue to work towards education justice.

For more information about this event, please contact us at glec@iupui.edu. Join us in commemorating this historic milestone and contributing to the ongoing dialogue on achieving true school integration.

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