Equity Fellow Spotlights

In this video, Equity Fellow Dr. David Hernandez Saca provides a critical lens to the field of learning disability studies, including situating learning disabilities as impairments situated "in the individual," the importance of centering student voice, and intersectionality in making meaning of learning disabilities.

In this Equity Fellow Spotlight, Equity Fellow Dr. Terah Venzant Chambers dismantles the notion of a "good student" and critiques the in-school segregation of Students of Color and the Racial Opportunity Cost incurred.

In this spotlight video, MAP Center Equity Fellow Dr. Ted Hamann discusses the problematic usage of the term “immigrant,” why it’s essential to understand that migration is not a one-way process for transnational students, how to approach bilingualism as a relevant and valuable asset, and how to support transnational students in an inclusive learning environment.

In this spotlight video, MAP Center Equity Fellow Dr. Sarah Diem discusses how we can combat school segregation, how raising awareness of segregation and discrimination can promote systemic change, and offers ways to promote collaborative partnerships in order to engage in conversations around integration.