Professional Learning Events

The Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center brings together education stakeholders across district and state boundaries, supports peer-to-peer mentoring, and offers opportunities to share information on similar problems of practice regarding educational equity. The Center offers everything from multi-experience learning network cohorts to two-day immersive conferences. View the Center's 2018-19 professional learning events calendar HERE and plan to join us at one of our professional learning events.



Equity Leaders Institute

Equity Leaders Institutes are transformative two-day learning experiences intended to increase participants’ capacities to advance and sustain equitable practices in teaching and learning. We limit Institute participants to 60, in order to ensure personalized technical assistance support from Center staff. Participants engage in shared learning experiences related to effective practices for leading equity-focused district/school improvement initiatives, network with others in similar roles and responsibilities, and initiate planning towards efforts for increasing their capacities to effectively lead equity-focused school/district improvement initiatives.

State Equity Leaders Summit

The State Equity Leaders Summit  is an invitational, one-day experience for state education agency personnel. The Summit engages participants in strategic dialogue focused on ensuring equitable education opportunities for all students and fosters cross-state collaborative partnerships. The Summit brings together Region III state-level leaders from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Dakota, Nebraska, and North Dakota, as well as university scholars, to participate in critical conversations about equity considerations and practice/policy solutions.

EquiLearn Focus Sessions

At our EquiLearn Focus Sessions, district-level educators engage in dynamic day-long collegial study, discussion, and custom planning activities related to engaging in critical conversations and planning to confront and redress inequitable district practices. The Center provides planning and facilitation of networking with other educators engaged in similar work as well as one-on-one team consultation with a Center staff member during action planning. During the action planning portion of the day, participants identify specific steps for implementing the practices discussed back in their own local contexts.

Learning Network Cohorts (LNCs)

Learning Network Cohorts are intentional learning communities that provide shared learning and networking opportunities for partners related to a common topic of interest or shared goals. The Center offer opportunities for cohort members to participate in shared online professional learning and networking experiences, including a group needs sensing orientation, a virtual roundtable discussion with a subject matter expert, an equity tool showcase, and a webinar. In addition, cohort members may request a professional learning experience for their district related to the topic of their LNC. Members have access to a password protected document sharing site that is populated with resources and research, as well as access to a Technical Assistance specialist who lives and works in their region. Currently, the Center offers three LNCs: 

  • Culturally Responsive/Asset-based and Sustaining Practices Learning Network Cohort provides tools and supports to assist with advancing district educators’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding of evidence-based culturally responsive and sustaining practices.
  • Safe and Inclusive Schools Learning Network Cohort provides districts targeted supports to redress incidents of harassment based on race, sex, national origin, and/or religion, as well as guidance on how to create safe and inclusive learning cultures and climates.
  • Positive School Discipline Institute Learning Network Cohort focuses on positive disciplinary practices and school learning environments, with the goal of reduction of exclusionary discipline in order to maximize student academic success. 

Please make a request for assistance HERE if you would like to join a LNC.

External Professional Learning Events

The Center offers customized, research- and practice-based highly interactive professional learning experiences about equitable state, district, school, and classroom level practices to diverse stakeholders in education. Please make a request for assistance HERE if you would like us to design and deliver a customized professional learning experience for your organization.



Equilearn Virtual Roundtables

Equilearn Virtual Roundtable is a live online synchronous learning experience aimed at providing an opportunity for participants to talk with and ask questions of a Subject Matter Expert, as well as engage in discussions and activities, which are uniquely different than more didactic focused webinars. Please view the Center's 2018-19 professional learning events calendar HERE to join our Equity Virtual Roundtables.