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Join the Learning Network Cohort (LNC)


The Learning Network Cohort (LNC) is an intentional learning community that provides shared learning and networking opportunities for members related to a common topic of interest or shared goals. The Center offers opportunities for cohort members to participate in shared online professional learning and networking experiences including online professional learning events, resources, and technical assistance.  

The 2024 LNC theme is “Centering Equity in Safe & Inclusive Schooling Environments.” This year, we will showcase our partners’ expertise and focus on co-creating knowledge around equitable schooling environments through a workshop learning model.





Online Professional Learning

All members have access to two live virtual learning experiences and three practitioner-driven workshops. Participants also engage in a self-paced online course, “Centering Equity in Safe and Inclusive Schooling Environments.” Network Lead Team members have the opportunity to co-lead learning on this course.


All members gain access to a password-protected online forum updated regularly with new resources and research.


Technical Assistance

Network Lead Team members have the opportunity to revise a policy document to better anchor it in educational equity. These Network Lead Team members receive feedback from Technical Assistance Specialists and fellow practitioners and participate in practitioner workshops.


Members can earn a micro-credential badge in Safe & Inclusive Schooling by completing the Safe & Inclusive Schools e-course and participating as a Network Team Lead.