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Learning to Live Together: Episode Four

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June 2024
Federico R. Waitoller & Sarah Diem, with (in order of appearance): Terah Venzant Chambers, Seena M. Skelton, Peter Piazza, Jeff Sapp, Sinp Donato, & Helena Donato-Sapp

Learning to Living Together is a four-part podcast series about inclusion and school integration in the twenty-first century. Across the four episodes, we delve into the meanings, tensions, and practices of integration and inclusion in today’s context. 

In this podcast series, Equity Fellows Dr. Sarah Diem and Dr. Federico Waitoller bring together their expertise in racial and socioeconomic integration, inclusion of students with disabilities, and their intersections with race to grapple with the following questions: Are we still longing for racial integration and inclusion? What do integration and inclusion mean to different community members? Are we still dreaming about the project of learning and learning to live together? Is it still feasible? What will this project look like in 2023 and moving forward?   

In the podcast series, we hear from individuals with various backgrounds, experiences, and engagement with social struggles about their perspectives on inclusion and integration. Guests include: 

  • Seena Skelton – Director, Midwest & Plains Equity Assistance Center; Director of Operations, Great Lakes Equity Center 

  • Terah Venzant Chambers – Professor of Educational Administration and Associate Dean in the Graduate School, Michigan State University 

  • The Donato-Sapp family – Helena Donato-Sapp, Jeff Sapp, and Sino Donato 

  • Peter Piazza – Director of School Quality Measures, Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment  

In episode 4, the final episode of the series, we bring together all of the individuals from episodes 1, 2, and 3 for a group discussion to collectively explore areas of conversions across social struggles. We discuss the commonalities and differences across social movements and struggles toward inclusion, whether it's disability, race, or gender, and how these are playing out across the United States. We also discuss the areas of convergence across movements that can serve as catalysts for collaboration. Most importantly, we learn about what we need to focus on in our inclusion and integration efforts, specifically, the importance of belonging, accessibility, humanity, engagement, and centering student voice. 

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