From Surviving to Thriving through Racial Justice: A Mother & Daughter Conversation in Five Vignettes—IV. Racial Justice Work as a Turning Point

December 2020
Mila González & Taucia González

After struggling with her mental health for a year and a half and getting to the point where she did not want to go to school, Mila describes her racial justice work as her turnaround moment.

(music: To My Love by Bomba Estéreo)

This Equity Spotlight Vodcast was inspired by the important, yet under-recognized work, many youth are actively engaged in to create better school systems. This vodcast is structured into a series of five vignettes that share glimpses into critical moments and experiences that shaped and lead one high school student, Mila González, to racial justice work. They are structured in vignettes so that they can be used as connected stories, or independently.

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