It's been 70 years since the Brown v. Board decision.

Have things changed? Let's discuss!

Meeting the Moment - Combating Religion-based Harassment and Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools for Muslim and Jewish Students: Session Three

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A collage children and young adults of diverse racial/ethnic backgrounds, gender expressions, and religious affiliations
Oct 5 2023 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm
Online Event
General Admission

11 am MT | 12 pm CST | 1pm EST

This virtual learning experience provides an opportunity for participants to engage in shared learning about how religion-based, particularly anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic harassment and discrimination show up in our schools and classrooms. Participants will discuss the civil rights protections against religion-based harassment and discrimination, how to recognize it, as well as effective practices for creating safe, responsive, and inclusive school environments for Muslim and Jewish students. Participants will engage in collaborative action planning for raising the awareness of strategies to support Muslim and Jewish students. 

This event is open to individuals from school boards, state municipalities, school districts, or other governmental units legally responsible for operating a public school or schools, or from a federally funded technical assistance and dissemination center.