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Wide-Angle Reading Template and Protocol

Front Page of Wide-Angle Reading Template and Protocol
June 2023
Zwiers, J., O’Hara, S., Pritchard, R

Wide-angle reading is a protocol designed to support students with message-level understanding of a text, prior to close reading. According to Zwiers, O’Hara, and Pritchard, “Students, especially academic English learners, need to have a set of ‘whole-text’ habits that kick in as they begin to read any text. Proficient readers use these big-picture wide-angle reading habits without even knowing it” (p. 78). This protocol makes visible the thinking that proficient readers do prior to engaging with any text, with the goal of eventually making this thinking automatic for students. This strategy provides students with the opportunity to explore and discuss the overall message of a reading. Through the discussion, students are able to develop and challenge ideas using their own funds of knowledge, as well as evidence collected from the title, visuals and first paragraph read. As with any new procedure, engage in modeling and guided practice for each component of the protocol before asking students to complete it independently.

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