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From Teasing to Torment School Climate Revisited A Survey of U.S. Secondary School Students and Teachers

January 2016
Emily A. Greytak, Joseph G. Kosciw,Christian Villenas, Noreen M. Giga

 After years of debate and public discussion of bullying’s consequences, the consensus of the education world is now clear: the daily indignities of bullying and its long-term costs to the health, educational attainment, and well-being of our students are unacceptable. Thanks to more than a decade of high-level attention and significant investment, we also have strong indications of what works to address the problem. From Teasing to Torment: School Climate Revisited documents the progress we have made in improving the daily experience of students across the United States over the past ten years, and illuminates the challenges ahead as reported by students and teachers nationally.

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