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Teaching Towards Understandings of Intersectionality

October 2018
Robin G. Jackson, M. Nickie Coomer, Erin Sanborn, Cesur Dagli, Zelideh R. Martinez Hoy, Seena M. Skelton, and Kathleen King Thorius

In this edition of Equity Dispatch, we seek to emphasize the criticality of intersectionality, or the ways in which social, economic, and political identity-based systems of oppression and privilege connect, overlap, and influence one another, as a powerful construct and tool for strengthening culturally responsive and sustaining practices in the educational environment. We offer its importance because when we collapse students’ identities into separate categories (e.g. English Language Learners, LGBTQ+, Black/African American), we run the risk of not attending to the complexities and oppressions that exist at the nexus of these diverse student groups.

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