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Staying Intentional: Advancing Integration Strategies for Students with Dis/abilities at the Intersection of Race, Sex, National Origin, and Religion

PowerPoint title slide for the professional learning
September 2023
Tiffany S. Kyser, Seena M. Skelton, Kathleen King Thorius, Nelsinia Ramos, Natalie Walrond, Caryn Ward, Alexandria Harvey, Christina M. Kasprzak, Erica McCray, & Dawn Miller

This EquiLearn Virtual Roundtable Convening brought together education stakeholders in reflection, collaboration, and planning, around equity considerations in supporting state education agencies (SEA's) equity-oriented, evidence-based practices to realize student’s civil right protections by redressing exclusionary discipline practices for students with disabilities at the intersections. 

Further, the Convening recording is a companion to the MAP Center State Education Agency Self-Assessment and Preplanning Worksheet which was developed by created as a joint venture between national and regional TA Centers, educational thought leaders, and an extensive convening of stakeholders from the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP) 13 state region. The purpose of the worksheet is to advance integration strategies for students with disabilities at the intersection of race, sex, national origin, and religion. This worksheet is specifically designed for use by State Education Agencies (SEAs), though it may also be utilized by Local Education Agencies (LEAs), building level staff, and community stakeholders. This worksheet provides a quantitative assist to understand the extent of civil rights protections in educational organizations and provides space for beginning or furthering the redressing of exclusionary discipline practices for students with disabilities at the intersections. 

*Authorship is shared and evenly distributed for this Convening, as this was a collaborative effort.

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