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Resource Equity Guidebook: School Leadership Quality & Diversity

Resource Equity Guidebook: School Leadership Quality & Diversity
October 2023
Alliance for Resource Equity

From the authors (p. 3):

Your team of district leaders and community members can use this guidebook about School Leadership Quality & Diversity to choose promising actions based on your district’s challenges and the distinct needs of your students.

  • Determine root causes of challenges in your school district
  • Explore potential actions
  • Plan next steps

In this guidebook, each key question is a separate “chapter”—and depending on what growth opportunities your team identified in the diagnostic, you can choose to look at any number of these key questions. For each key question that is relevant to your district, you will investigate the underlying root causes of challenges, explore potential actions, and plan next steps. Key questions, root causes, and potential actions often connect to each other across chapters.

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