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QSS Rubric

Front Page of QSS Rubric
August 2023

This QSS Rubric centralizes what schools would look like if educational practitioners designed it, from the start, to be adaptable, responsive, and challenging for every individual child. Thus, Breakthrough schools embrace this design challenge, where educators no longer teach to a standardized average; they no longer move the class forward on a predictable path or pace. Instead, breakthrough schools are structured so that students receive what they need, when they need it, in ways that are personally tailored—slowing down when they need more time, going deeper when their curiosity spikes, even encouraging the pursuit of new interests. In breakthrough schools, teachers set clear and challenging learning goals, but then they distribute the work, making individual student’s own effort and struggle a part of the formula. Students, themselves, take ownership for the pace and pathway of their learning. They solve problems, make choices, and own the sweet victories that follow sustained dedicated academic effort.

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