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Equity-Based Framework for Achieving Integrated Schooling

November 2018
Regional Equity Assistance Centers

The four federally-funded equity assistance centers (EACs) jointly created the Equity-Based Framework for Achieving Integrated Schooling to assist school districts considering, or actively pursuing, integrated schooling. The EACs designed the framework to ensure that local communities can get a good visual presentation for better understanding the foundational elements and critical supports for achieving integration throughout the campus experience. Based on research and asset-based practices, the framework identifies three foundational components and underlying support strategies for each: (1) Inclusive, Co-constructive Planning; (2) School-based Supports; and (3) Outcome Measures.

The framework intentionally offers local communities flexibility in creating truly integrated schools. Communities can adapt it to best suit local needs and goals. It is not intended to be a prescriptive, process-oriented, or sequential framework. However, authentic community engagement and meaningful, equitable access and opportunity for all students underscore each component and support identified.

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