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EquiLearn Virtual Roundtable: LGBTQ+ Black Youth in Schools and Communities

LGBTQ+ Black Youth in Schools and Communities
December 2021
Joselyn L. Parker, Judy A. Alston, Tejai Beulah, Gamal Brown, G. Funmilayo, & Luther Young Devoe, Jr.

In this EquiLearn Virtual Roundtable, facilitated by Joselyn Parker, we discuss problems LGBTQ Black students experience being marked as Black in a white supremacist society—and being marked as queer in a hetero/cisnormative society. ​​

Together, we talk about what queerness, homophobia, and transphobia look like among Black youth in schools, and reflect upon consequences. We offer recommendations for what teachers, administrators, and community stakeholders can do to disrupt homophobia and transphobia in their school communities.​

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