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Educational Segregation in Spain, Episode Three: The Causes

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August 2022
Federico R. Waitoller, with: Gonzalo Larruzea, Adrián Zancajo, Antoni Verger, Lucas Gortazar, & Xavier Bonal

In Episode Three of this Equity Spotlight Podcast, Educational Segregation in Spain, we delve deeper into the causes of school segregation in Spain. We examine the causes advanced by the ILP, and we talk to the experts, to researchers, to see how they align or not with research findings. We conclude this episode comparing the causes of school segregation in Spain with the US.

**This podcast series will not provide the magic bullet to fix and remediate school segregation in the US. But by learning about other places dealing with the same issues, we will be able to enrich our conversation, generate new ideas, and raise new questions towards continuing this important debate.

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