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Community Schools

Community Schools
January 2015
Sara Bangert, Monica Medina, Rodney S. Whiteman, Jamie Spears, Seena Skelton, Kathleen King Thorius

This edition of the Equity Dispatch states that while school reform movements commonly focus on the achievement gap, most do not consider the community factors that influence student academic achievement. Community schools incorporate assets that integrate community factors into the process of schooling. Full-service community schools represent a promising educational approach that improves academic achievement by addressing students' overall social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. Community school approaches join teachers, parents, and community leaders as a collective body of people focused on eliminating academic barriers, both inside and outside the school. These cohesive partnerships promote the overall well-being of children and their families, by addressing disparities in schools including barriers to physical, social, and emotional well-being. By creating engaging and safe learning environments for students, community school transform the educational experience and student academic achievement is increased.

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