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Toward an Equity-Centric Model of Teacher Quality

Toward an Equity-Centric Model of Teacher Quality
April 2015
Rodney S. Whiteman, Tiffany S. Kyser, Sara Bangert, Seena M. Skelton, Kathleen King Thorius

This edition of the Equity Dispatch argues for an equity minded model in which a high quality educator is one who (1) views students' existing cultural resources as assets, (2) applies these assets within critical pedagogies toward empowering students in their lives and communities, and in doing so, (3) fosters students' academic, social, and personal growth. Equity minded educators are reflexive and open to ways in which their professional practice and interactions with students may (will) change their own values, skills, and knowledge. They are also aware of how their own identities affect their understandings of teaching, learning, and students, as well as how students experience them.

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