It's been 70 years since the Brown v. Board decision.

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Thu Sương Thị Nguyễn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Indiana University-Purdue University
Thu Sương Thị Nguyễn, Ph.D.

Dr. Thu Sương Thị Nguyễn is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the Indiana University School of Education at Indianapolis. She also assists in management of the Great Lakes Equity Center program. Dr. Nguyen has expertise in critical leadership studies, cultural studies and education, educational policy, and qualitative research. She has worked closely with immigrant and refugee serving programs in Texas and Indiana seeking to create culturally responsive and socially just school policies and practices. Her scholarly interests include spatial and cultural (re)production, vulnerable populations and practices of place-making in and around school settings, and the treatment of difference. Dr. Nguyen’s work is published in Educational Policy, Educational Management, Administration & Leadership, International Journal of Leadership in Education, and the International Journal of Urban Education Leadership.

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