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Anne Parks, Ph.D.

Supervisor, Achievement and Integration Program
Minnesota Department of Education
Anne Parks, Ph.D.

Dr. Anne M. Parks has worked at Minnesota Department of Education for five years overseeing the state’s Achievement and Integration program. In this role, Dr. Parks has worked with staff to develop, provide guidance and support to participating schools and districts around the state on all aspects of the program including legislative requirements, implementation, resources, fiscal issues, and strategic planning. The purpose of this program is to eliminate racial and economic disparities and to increase policies and practices grounded in educational equity. Prior to working at the Department, Dr. Parks worked in the St. Paul Public School District where she developed and directed an integration program for five metro and suburban school districts. The primary focus of the program was to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers interested in social justice education in order to expand teachers’ understanding of and commitment to equitable teaching practices. Participating teachers from the five districts engaged in an ongoing series of anti-racism, diversity, and inclusive education learning events. They co-created learning experiences for students designed to bring students of different racial and ethnic backgrounds together to learn from and work with each other. The intent was for participating teachers to gain the knowledge and skills needed to extend this work to their classrooms, colleagues, and school communities. Dr. Parks completed her graduate work in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Her research interests included critical discourse analysis, rhetoric, and college composition. 

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