Trish A. Gorman, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Program Evaluation & Continuous Improvement, MAP Center
Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center
Trish Gorman

Dr. Gorman is the Director of Program Evaluation and Continuous Improvement at the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center). She manages project design, methodology, and execution including, supervising and overseeing the development and validation of research instruments, data collection and analysis. She also manages report writing related to the quality and efficacy of the Center’s service provision. Dr. Gorman has experience in research and program evaluation in a variety of non-profits such as United Way of Central Indiana, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and Global AgRisk, Inc. She has served as an evaluator for Indiana University’s Advance College Project, evaluating course content and instruction in high school classes awarding college credit. Dr. Gorman taught several years at Indiana University at Bloomington during her graduate studies. She was selected twice through a highly competitive university-wide program to teach for Indiana University’s Groups Scholars program for first-generation college students during the summers of 2013 and 2014. She is interested in understanding the political dimensions and implications of unequal access to services such as education, healthcare and financial services across diverse populations, as well as how actors negotiate policy implementation at the local level. Her dissertation examines how intercultural universities in Mexico intended to increase indigenous students’ access to higher education failed to address the demands of indigenous peoples in their design and content.

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