Resources for Addressing
Violence Against BIPOC, Children, & Other Targeted Communities

Tiffany Kyser, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Networking & Engagement, MAP Center
Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center
Dr. Tiffany Kyser

Dr. Kyser is the Associate Director for Networking & Engagement at the Great Lakes Equity Center and Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center (MAP Center). In this role, Dr. Kyser leads the coordination of technical assistance, design, provision, and collaboration with the MAP Center’s service provision team to plan, direct, and manage supports and professional learning experiences offered to state and local education agencies throughout the MAP Center’s thirteen-state region. Additionally, Dr. Kyser leads the coordination of engagement, marketing, and dissemination functions for the MAP Center. Dr. Kyser has over eighteen years of experience in outreach education, K-12 teaching and administration, higher education administration, charter school authorizing, and education policy. Her research and work are rooted in education policy, school transformation, adult learning, liberatory design, and change management. Dr. Kyser has received executive training at Harvard, Stanford, and Indiana Universities. She is a graduate of Culver Girls Academy of the Culver Academies. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Master of Arts in English, and a Ph.D. of Philosophy in Urban Education Studies from Indiana University.

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