How can educators provide safe and inclusive environments for Jewish and Muslim students?

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Professional Learning Specialist - Continuous Improvement and Evaluation Specialist - Executive Administrator 

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Erin K. Sanborn, M.Ed.

Administrative Assistant
Indiana University Indianapolis
Professional photo of Erin Sanborn

Erin Sanborn is an administrative assistant at the Midwest & Plains Equity Assistance Center. She has over fifteen years of educational experience as a PK-12 teacher, school counselor, district equity leader, researcher, teacher education professor, and technical assistance provider. Erin is currently a doctoral candidate within Indiana University School of Education-Indianapolis (IUPUI)’s Urban Education Studies program. Her research interests and dissertation analyze teacher identity, and teacher learning surrounding areas of whiteness, privilege, power, and bias to seek evidence of intentional disruption of language and practices that are violent, cause harm, and marginalize those that do not adhere to dominant standards based on race/ethnicity, language, sex, gender identity/expression, orientation, and dis/ability. This includes an interrogation of herself, as well as other agents of change, to have an open discourse surrounding what it means to think you are equity-oriented, say you are equity-oriented, and authentically be equity-oriented across language, pedagogy, policy, actions, and interactions.

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