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Toward Education Justice: Attending to the Mental Health of Educators and Students
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Cynthia Mruczek, Ph.D.

Technical Assistance Specialist
Indiana University-Purdue University
Cynthia Mruczek, Ph.D.

Dr. Mruczek is the Technical Assistance Specialist for Cadre II for the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center. As the Technical Assistance Specialist, she works with prospective partners to cultivate strong professional partnerships toward shared equity goals. Dr. Mruczek is the Coordinator of the Leadership in Special and Inclusive Education Certificate Program at the University of Kansas. She has consulted with schools across the United States, supporting teachers and school leaders in developing inclusive classroom and school communities. Dr. Mruczek has been an educator for twenty years with students from third grade through the graduate level. Her passion for supporting educators as they address issues of equity in schools drives all her work.

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