SIS LNC Equity Tool Showcase: Learning Network Cohorts Only

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May 23 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Learning Network Cohort Members

Equity Tool Showcase: is a live online synchronous experience aimed at introducing the MAP Center Equity Tools, which are self-assessment tools that offer an opportunity to pause and critically reflect on policies and practices. This event is usually reserved exclusively for members of the MAP Center Learning Network Cohorts (LNCs).

To begin creating healing spaces, we must first gain insight and include youth in this process by including/centering their voice in trauma-informed care and social-emotional learning. Therefore, we have selected an equity tool on centering youth voice. This tool will not only help build knowledge, but act as a type of assessment to determine strengths and areas of need in including students in this process. In the subsequent webinar and roundtable, we will focus on how students can participate, be empowered, and collaborate with adults in creating healing spaces and reframing trauma-informed care. 

This event is open only to partner districts and state education agencies in Learning Network Cohorts. Please see your district main contact person for the registration password.

If you would like to join this LNC please make a request for membership HERE if you would like to join an LNC.