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Equilearn Virtual Roundtable: Building Powerful Equity Centered Teacher Workforce

Accessibility questions for all events, please contact the center at (317) 278-3493 or email at glec@iupui.edu. All accommodation requests must be made within two weeks of event date.


Mar 13 2018 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

This virtual roundtable with Dr. Elizabeth Kozleski examines how the missions of research and development and regulating the workforce can connect in productive ways to advance an equity-minded agenda for preparing culturally sustaining teachers.

Objectives: Participant will

  • Identify the systems levers within their institutions and state education organizations to support and grow stronger equity-minded teacher workforces
  • Shift their approaches to recruiting, preparing, and supporting teacher candidates through their first three years of practice, specifically with regards to equity.