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BIPOC Education Leaders Network Convening: Session 1

Accessibility questions for all events, please contact the center at (317) 278-3493 or email at glec@iupui.edu. All accommodation requests must be made within two weeks of event date.


Four adults at table
Feb 24 2022 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Systemic Equity Partners Only

10 AM-12:00 PM EST
9 AM-11:00 AM CT
8 AM-10:00 AM MT

The BIPOC Convening is to fortify individual and collective efforts to further realize wholeness while leading transformative systems change towards educational equity. The BIPOC Network Convening is a space for equity leaders to have concerted time for healing, self-care, and networking. The BIPOC Convening will center on affective domains of learning such as responding and reflecting to one’s racial identity as a mediating factor of their leadership, personhood, and source of pride, joy, and renewal. Additionally, during this event the discussion will focus on the reflection of status quo values of educational organizations versus a reimagined value set of educational organizations as self-determined from those more proximal to conditions of inequity. Lastly, the BIPOC convening will discuss the recognition and examination of internalized values to support healing, harmony, and self-care.