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The Collegial and Networking Support (CaNS) Cohort

The Collegial Problem Solving & Networking Supports (CaNS) brings together cohorts of individual educational leaders and small teams across the region in order to develop their individual capacity to engage in equity work in their local context. As part of the CaNS, cohort members participate in monthly 90-minute virtual group collaborative shared learning and networking experiences. Sessions are designed to empower members to connect with one another across the region and to leverage the expertise of regional partners, as well as fellow cohort members in thought partnership to address problems of practice.

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Facilitated Collaborative Experiences Resources Networking

Each cohort will gather for one 90-minute group learning and networking support session per month. During this time, members will engage with research-based, equity-oriented resources,  networking and collaborative consultation around a selected topic and/or a specific problem of practice.

Members gain access to a password-protected e-platfom that is populated with topic-specific resources for each session and that allows for continued learning.

Members can continue discussions and networking after the session ends by engaging with eachother's assets, ideas, and lessons learned.




CaNS sessions are participant-centered and create a virtual space for purposeful dialogue, collegial support, and collaborative problem-solving.

If you are interested in learning more about the Collegial and Networking Support (CaNS) Cohort, please submit a request for assistance HERE.